What Is a 401(K) Plan Administrator’s Responsibilities?

Here at Fiduciary Advisors LTD., we teach people about the responsibilities involved with administering a 401k plan. Many people do not realize that a lot of work goes into a project like this. They simply accept that someone will be there to help guide them through the intricacies of their plan, but they don’t necessarily take the time to get to know what that individual does. However, it is important to answer some of those questions right now. 

What Are the Responsibilities of a 401k Plan Administrator?

The role of someone who administers your 401k plan is to create and manage that plan. This is to say that they literally go out and look for services to provide to the company that you work for. It is their task to bring in the best possible 401k offerings to the employees they serve. Their job is a big one because their choices for the plan can have lasting ramifications for the wealth of the employees who end up investing in it. If the administrator is not great at picking plans effectively, they risk selecting something that simply won’t work well for the employees. 

The job can carry a lot of pressure, but a great 401k plan administrator knows that the most important thing is to make well-informed and deliberate decisions. If they do that, then they can rest assured that they are putting forth their best effort to help the employees that they need to help. 

What Does a 401k Party Administrator Do? 

There are a number of specific tasks handled by the 401k administrator. Some of these include the following: 

  • Selecting Which Investments Are Available – They make choices to include certain funds that employees can invest in. This process is done via negotiation and dealmaking with the various mutual fund providers that may want to compete to offer their funds to employees
  • Provide Information About the Plan – Not only should employees know that the plan exists, but they ought to be provided with the most relevant information possible about what goes into the plan. This is to say that they need details about the investments that are available to them. That includes vital statistics such as the past performance of any given fund contained within the plan. 
  • Directs People How To Sign Up – The administrator also plays the role of helping people get signed up for their 401k plan if they decide to do so. Some paperwork must be filled out to complete the process, and the administrator is the one to turn to in order to get that paperwork completed. 

The numerous roles and responsibilities of the 401k administrator are vital, and all companies should appreciate the work that these talented individuals do. It is not easy work, but the company itself could not provide a 401k program without them.