Defined Benefit Plans in Phoenix, AZ

Fiduciary Advisors, LTD. offers expert design and actuarial services from their offices in Phoenix, AZ for the more complex yet powerful tool, defined benefit plans. We’ve been successfully providing our clients successful defined benefit plan solutions for over 30 years.

Traditional DB Plans

Whether the goal is to provide a steady stream of retirement income to retirees, or making the larger tax deductible contributions to keep a defined benefit plan properly funded during its lifetime, a DB plan may be the tool your business needs. We know how to help you make the most out of this attractive option.

Cash Balance Plans

Cash balance plans have other advantages. Generally, they “look like” a defined contribution plan but can have the larger contributions of a defined benefit plan. Complex ownership issues between business partners? Cash balance plans may be the solution.

DB/DC Combo Plans

Leveraging the complexities of defined benefit plans and the intricacies of discrimination testing, yes, it is possible to get hose large contributions without excessive employee costs. Let us show you how with DB/DC combo plans.

Giving You Complete Control

Fiduciary Advisors, LTD. knows that offering defined benefit plans, solo 401(k) plans, and plan administration to our clients around the country can be an excellent option for your business in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale, AZ. But we also know they require detailed and complex design and administration. If this sounds like an attractive option for you and your business, contact us today at 602-864-1012 to learn more.

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